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All CEOs bring their own experiences and leadership styles to the companies they work for… and the best CEOs bring a brand! Think of Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, Donald Trump or Walt Disney—instantly recognizable CEOs whose personalities have enhanced and elevated their company’s images.

Developing a brand-name reputation in your company and industry is a necessary, powerful asset. Reputation and influence help you drive tangible value into your business.

We're not all the legendary Steve Jobs. But in Discover Your CEO Brand, Suzanne Bates helps you embrace the idea that you, too, can have your own personal brand. You'll gain the insight, knowledge, and tools you need to discover your own personal leadership brand, and develop it into a powerful executive presence that extends beyond your typical spheres of influence.

Applying her years of expertise coaching top executives from Fortune 500 companies, Bates takes you on a journey to:

  • Discover your brand
  • Understand how to use it
  • Connect with key audiences
  • Elevate your leader profile 
  • Use both traditional and new media
  • Attract and keep great talent
  • Create business opportunities
  • Shape a performance culture
  • Drive value in your company

The book walks you through the process step by step, teaching you ways to increase your visibility and influence by combining traditional self-branding vehicles like PR and face-to-face networking with new social-media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

This book isn't about corporate branding, although your leadership brand is part of that. It’s not about crafting a leadership style out of thin air in order to influence people and “get ahead.” It’s about discovering your own personal leadership style. It’s about connecting with others authentically. It’s about instituting change that benefits the company and the people in it.

As the saying goes, a brand name is more than a word – it’s the beginning of a conversation.  Whether you’re the CEO, a senior leader, or want to be one someday, what’s the conversation people are having about you?

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Executive Insights on Discover Your CEO Brand

"Suzanne Bates makes a convincing case for the power of leadership brand-building.  To harness the 'story of your leadership,' as she states, this book is a great place to start."

Andrew Liveris, Chairman and CEO, The Dow Chemical Company


"A combination of inspiration and utility, Bates delivers on both counts.  A must-read for leaders, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to harness the power of their own personal brand." 

  Donny Deutsch, Television Host and Chairman, Deutsch Inc.

“As CEO, your brand speaks volumes to your employees and customers. Here’s a jam-packed playbook for propelling your brand and paving the way for a reputation revolution among those following your lead!”

Kirk Davis, President, GateHouse Media Inc.


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