Executive Advisory

Executive Advisory is a unique partnership for leaders who seek guidance in enhancing their leadership capabilities and achieving strategic business outcomes.

Program Features:

  • For CEOs, presidents, general managers and functional leaders
  • Customized plan for accelerating critical business imperatives
  • Confidential advisory in a private setting to discuss real-time issues
  • Guidance in developing your leadership brand and style
  • Monthly meetings and virtual coaching with unlimited access by email
  • Bates-certified coach with years of experience at the senior leader level
  • Advisory extends to key people supporting your strategy and communications
“Working with Bates has had a significant impact on my effectiveness at communicating at the senior leadership level. The coach quickly dove into my business during a time of transformative change, identifying opportunities for me to rapidly demonstrate greater impact, motivate my workforce and successfully launch highly visible strategic initiatives.” 
- Jim D., President, Major Health Insurance Company