Executive Advisory

CEOs, executives and senior leadership teams turn to us to help them execute on their most important challenges. We help them wrestle with complexity, prioritize initiatives, work through sensitive high-stakes issues, and deliver extraordinary results.

Executives rely on us as confidential advisors with an informed global view. They call on us to be their sounding board and provide needed perspective they can’t gain elsewhere. Our clients value our ability to organize their thinking, create clarity, ask probing questions, offer alternate views, and enable them to move forward with confidence on decisions.

What makes us different

Clients often remark that we help them “see around corners,” anticipate the potential opportunities and risks, and become more agile in a disrupted, fast- paced business world.  Drawing on decades of experience working with executives in top global companies, our view is also informed by the latest global research and innovative thinking on leadership.

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Program Details

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“Working with Bates has had a significant impact on my effectiveness at communicating at the senior leadership level. The coach quickly dove into my business during a time of transformative change, identifying opportunities for me to rapidly demonstrate greater impact, motivate my workforce and successfully launch highly visible strategic initiatives.” 
- Jim D., President, Major Health Insurance Company