Executive Presence for Women Leaders

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As women move forward in their careers, the discussion in most organizations often defaults to their “executive presence.” Interestingly, executive presence has remained a mysterious “X Factor” in leadership. Some describe it as gravitas or charisma, while others focus on surface-level qualities of leadership.

Through our research, we have redefined presence in a way that levels the playing field for women leaders. We’ve gone beyond executive image and presentation skill, to identify the specific qualities of leadership presence that enable both men and women to motivate, align, inspire and move people to act.

This women's leadership program departs from the underlying message to women in many programs, that they need to “fix” what is holding them back. Rather than a one-size fits all approach, you'll explore your own qualities of presence in a supportive environment with other women like you.

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Upcoming Dates


January 23-25, 2017

Westin Cape Coral, Florida



July 31- August 2, 2017

W Hotel, Boston



Regular Registration $5,495.00
Register 90+ days prior and save! $4,995.00

Group rates are available for 3+ people. Call 800-908-8239 for details.

The program provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with women leaders who have similar business acumen and experience. Through thoughtful reflection, guided discussion, and constructive dialogue, you’ll gain clarity about how you can grow and achieve your goals.

Prior to the session, you complete an executive presence assessment, the Bates ExPI, which provides you multi-rater feedback on perceptions of your executive presence. Our coaches guide you through the 360 feedback and interpretation of the report. You’ll work with a coach to explore what it means to your role, challenges and business imperatives and career aspirations.

You'll leave the Executive Presence for Women Program with:

  • A complete understanding of how people view your executive presence, in terms of strengths and areas of development
  • Insight as to how to leverage strengths in an authentic way to advance your career opportunities and make you a highly effective leader
  • Clarity about how to move forward as a woman leader by experimenting with new approaches that will enhance your leadership presence
  • Readiness to go out and apply what you’ve discovered to real-time business challenges to influence, inspire, and build your leadership brand
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“I appreciated the candor and helpful course corrections you gave me through the ExPI process. I believe it will be a turning point in my journey and one I wish had come several years ago!”
— VP of HR, Aerospace Industry

Who will attend?

The course is designed for women leaders with responsibility for teams, projects, businesses and enterprises. The Bates ExPI assessment measures qualities and facets of leadership that are developed as leaders gain maturity and experience. New managers typically do not have the leadership experience or scope of responsibilities that are measured in the Bates ExPI assessment.  

Who teaches the course?

Courses are led by seasoned executive coaches and facilitators who are certified in the Bates ExPI assessment and model. Our coaches have a track record of helping senior executive women and leaders navigate career success and drive results for their organizations. As a woman-owned and led firm, all of our programs and methodologies are designed by women.

Program Agenda

Evening Prior to Program
5:00 PM Opening Session: What is Executive Presence and Why Does it Matter?
6:30 PM Dinner and Networking

Day One
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Opening Comments: Reflecting on Experience
8:15 AM The Science of Influence: Executive Presence Model and Facets
10:15 AM Leveraging Our Strengths in Executive Presence
1:00 PM Leadership Pathways: Addressing Your Development Themes
2:30 PM Leadership Pathways Breakout Session
4:45 PM Final Takeaways
5:00 PM Cocktail Reception

Day Two
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Following Up with Your Feedback Providers
9:45 AM Leadership Development Resources: Coaching and Mentoring
10:30 AM Time and Energy Management: Self-Assessment and Discussion
11:15 AM Executive Image: Standing Out by Fitting in Perfectly
1:45 PM ExPI Action Plan
2:45 PM Final Takeaways/Q&A
3:00 PM Adjourn

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