Bates Executive ExPl Assessment Certification

Program Overview

After years of extensive research, Bates introduced an innovative new leader assessment that measures what many call the “X-Factor”– executive presence. Bates Executive Presence Index™ is changing the conversation in succession planning and leader development. It provides leaders with concrete, actionable insights that enable them to learn to engage, align, inspire and drive better business outcomes. It’s now used by coaches around the world, from the Fortune 500 to individual coaching practices. That’s because executive presence is the number two reason organizations seek coaching for leaders, second only to overall leader effectiveness. Our research takes a freshly modern approach to leader development, drawing on studies in leadership, management, communications, psychology, social action, philosophy and ethics.    

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Bates ExPI Certification

Bates ExPI Certification
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What Will You Learn in Bates ExPI™ Assessment Certification?

The Bates ExPI™ Executive Assessment Certification program provides executive coaches and talent development leaders with a safe, peer-learning environment where they gain confidence and competency in administering the Bates ExPI.  You learn not only the theoretical underpinnings, but the practical, highly effective ways to analyze and interpret the data so you can deliver meaningful, robust feedback results to clients. 

Through the program, you will discover:

  • Spot common themes and patterns that will help you create greater meaning from the data
  • Gather information to make feedback relevant to the leader’s business interests
  • Employ a process to prepare for sessions that get to the heart of issues and make an impact
  • Manage the psychological dynamics to increase openness to learning
  • Enable clients to embrace their strengths while addressing their developmental themes
  • Be “in the moment,” meet clients where they are, and encourage them to grow and learn
  • Be fluid in connecting presence to business results, to differentiate your practice
“I appreciated the candor and helpful course corrections you gave me through the ExPI process. I believe it will be a turning point in my journey and one I wish had come several years ago!”
— VP of HR, Aerospace Industry
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Business Needs Met by this Program

This program targets the business needs of coaches and in-house talent leaders who are addressing specific challenges with their clients, and in their organizations.  They are working with leaders who need to:

  • Engage, align, inspire, influence actions, get results
  • Drive change, innovation, and execute major initiatives
  • Be more effective in bridging the gap between strategy and execution
  • Be better prepared to step onto a bigger stage into challenging new roles
  • Quickly assimilate to a top job, achieve early wins and make an earlier impact
  • Understand the impact they have on others so they are viewed as more effective and in touch
  • Develop qualities such as vision, practical wisdom, intentionality, and assertiveness
  • Build their brand/visibility, raise their profiles and build relationships across the organization

Is Bates ExPI™ Assessment Certification for you?

The Bates ExPI™ is for coaches who want to bring innovation and fresh insights to their practices, whether internal to the company, or in their private practice. Adding the ExPI to the coaching toolbox complements your assessment strategy and works well as an advanced instrument paired with psychometric assessments, as well as company 360 instruments.  It has been proven to align closely with and provide deeper meaning to interpreting leadership competency models. The course also gives you a chance to meet and interact with highly qualified, seasoned coaches who are joining our growing, global community of practice to share ideas and learn about new research.

The Bates ExPI™ Assessment Certification program is open to both independent coaches and in-house talent and development leaders. To become certified in the Bates ExPI™ Assessment, the coach must:

  • Have the appropriate education, certification or experience in a discipline related to human resource development
  • Provide evidence of certification in leadership assessment tools and experience delivering interpretive feedback to leaders
  • Exhibit skill in helping executive clients leverage their strengths while addressing their developmental themes in current business situations

Why Choose Bates ExPI™ Assessment Certification?

Our certified practitioner community tell us that the Bates ExPI™ Assessment Certification program ranks among the best professional development experiences they’ve ever had.  Not only are they able to incorporate innovation into their work and differentiate their practices; they say the experience they have working with other forward-thinking, seasoned colleagues make it well worth the investment.  Many have been seeking a tool like this for years.  It is enabling them to bring science and data to address what was thought of in the past as a soft and intangible aspect of leader development.

What to expect in the course:

  • An introduction to the Bates ExPI™ Assessment and its application through case work
  • An interactive, thought-provoking and stimulating virtual learning environment, designed to allow flexible learning, practice and feedback
  • Work with facilitators who will help you analyze and interpret the Bates ExPI™
  • *Optional: Post-seminar one-on-one call with a Bates-certified coach to activate your use of the tool
  • *Optional: Post-seminar Bates ExPI™ Assessment and insights session with a Bates-certified coach
  • Access post even to the Bates global Community of Practice practitioners globally
  • Invitation to access new data, research and updates that support your practice
  • Marketing support including certification logo and client materials for sales

*Additional fee applies for Optional add-ons

Why Bates?

Bates is an innovator in leader development, launching the first-and-only research-based, scientifically validated multi-rater assessment that measures a leader’s executive presence and influence. Our seasoned facilitators have used the Bates ExPI™ to help senior leaders at the world’s leading companies in over 40 countries accelerate their strategic agendas, deliver bottom line results more effectively, and enable innovation and new business model creation. Our deep expertise in communicative leadership sets us apart and allows us to help individuals, teams and organizations move where they need to go. 

Programs are led by seasoned coaches and facilitators who are certified in the Bates ExPI Assessment and Model. Our facilitators are themselves coaches with a track record of helping senior and high potential leaders excel in their roles.  They strive to create a great learning environment for the senior level practitioner who is looking for ways to grow, develop and innovate.

Learning Objectives

Given the nuances of the Bates ExPI model and the way the facets of Executive Presence interrelate to one another, particular attention is given to exploring Bates ExPI theory, the model, and its principles of application to a leader’s business context. This process involves: 

  • Understanding why and how to get business context information to make the feedback specific and relevant for the leader
  • Appreciating the psychological dynamics of giving and receiving feedback, including how to reduce defensiveness in the coachee
  • Learning how to prepare for a feedback call through a step-by-step analysis of the Bates ExPI report, including an understanding of common patterns and themes in the data
  • Knowing how to help clients leverage their strengths while addressing their developmental themes
  • Mastering the ability to facilitate the feedback call effectively “in the moment,” including dealing with coachees who struggle to understand or accept the results

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