Bates ExPI™ Assessment Certification

The Bates ExPI (Executive Presence Index) is the first research-based, scientifically validated assessment to measure executive presence and leadership influence.

The Bates ExPI Executive Assessment Certification program provides executive coaches and talent development leaders with a high degree of competency in administering the Bates ExPI Assessment and applying our Model of Executive Presence to executive development and leadership assessment. Upon completion, coaches are able to conduct detailed analysis and interpretation of ExPI assessment data and deliver robust feedback results to leaders. 


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Bates ExPI Certification
Upcoming Dates


February 28-March 1, 2017



May 2-3, 2017



September 12-13, 2017



November 7-8, 2017



Regular Registration $2,795.00

While the Bates ExPI™ can be administered by a Bates coach/consultant certified in our methodologies and unique feedback process, some clients choose to offer the assessment through other trusted coaches. The Bates ExPI is a valuable resource to add to the coaching toolbox, addressing a unique need to measure and provide actionable feedback on executive presence. The tool has been proven to complement existing coaching practices and assessment strategies, and reinforces an organization's existing leadership competency model.

Bates ExPI Certification Overview

  • A 2-day certification seminar where coaches gain a robust understanding of the Bates Model of Executive Presence and learn how to administer and interpret the Bates ExPI™ multi-rater assessment

  • Pre-seminar,  a  personal  Bates  ExPI™  assessment,  orientation  session,  and  feedback session with a Bates-certified coach

  • Supporting materials including a copy of All the Leader You Can Be: The Science  of Achieving  Extraordinary Executive Presence (Suzanne Bates, McGraw  Hill 2016) and the Bates ExPI™ Development Guide

  • Post-session, access to the Bates Community of Practice and online content portal, a one­ stop  resource  for  tools,  videos,  and  webinars  for  measuring  and  assessing  executive  presence in leaders  

  • Optional "ride along" - post-seminar, participation in a live interpretation session with a Bates certified coach, to observe and participate in providing feedback to a leader within the  organization who has been through the assessment process (additional fee applies)

    (A User Agreement and licensing fee may also apply for corporate users post-Certification – please inquire for details)

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My experience with the ExPI certification program was outstanding. The ExPI assessment is potentially very helpful to all leaders, and the tool is rich and nuanced. To get the most out of it, certification is essential. The Bates team has a thorough and well thought-through approach to skilling up coaches. The program gives you the necessary grounding to really appreciate and help people get full benefit from their ExPI feedback. In addition to the effective teaching component, the program provides opportunity to practice, role-play and network with other users, all of which accelerate and deepen understanding of the tool. The certification has proven its value as I’ve started to coach leaders with the help of the ExPI.
— Director, Global Talent Management, Global Luxury Retailer

Who Should Attend?

To become certified, the coach must:

  • Have the appropriate education, certification or experience in a discipline related to human resource development
  • Provide evidence of certification in leadership assessment tools and experience delivering interpretive feedback to leaders
  • Exhibit skill in helping executive clients leverage their strengths while addressing their developmental themes in current business situations

Program Agenda

Given the nuances of the Bates ExPI model and the way the facets of Executive Presence interrelate to one another, particular attention is given to exploring Bates ExPI theory, the model, and its principles of application to a leader’s business context. This process involves: 

  • Understanding why and how to get business context information to make the feedback specific and relevant for the leader
  • Appreciating the psychological dynamics of giving and receiving feedback, including how to reduce defensiveness in the coachee
  • Learning how to prepare for a feedback call through a step-by-step analysis of the Bates ExPI report, including an understanding of common patterns and themes in the data
  • Knowing how to help clients leverage their strengths while addressing their developmental themes
  • Mastering the ability to facilitate the feedback call effectively “in the moment,” including dealing with coachees who struggle to understand or accept the results

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