The Bates Team

Each member of our team lives the Bates values, from integrity and humility to knowledge and excellence. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, including business strategy, corporate communication, and management psychology. All of our coaches are fully certified in our methodologies and selected for their ability to apply real-world experience to the needs and challenges of their executive clients.

Our CEO Suzanne Bates founded the firm with a commitment to helping leaders make an impact. During her first career as an award-winning broadcast journalist, she spent years interviewing top influencers and developed a keen interest in discovering the qualities of successful leaders. She channeled that energy to bring together a team that today is at the forefront of innovation in executive and leadership development. Among the breakthroughs she has championed is the first research-based assessment and model of Executive Presence, the Bates ExPI™.

Craig Bentley Vice President
Margie Myers
Margery Myers Principal
Damon BatesPrincipal
Laura2020Headshot Blue-1
Laura Fay Principal
Joe AndrewsConsultant and Coach
Jacqueline BrodnitzkiDirector of Leadership Coaching
Binwa Sethi_2020Headshotv3-1
Binwa SethiConsultant and Coach
Michael SeitchikDirector of Research and Assessment, Executive Coach
Walter Jackson-1-1
Walter Jackson Director of Global Partner Development, Consultant
shirley pic 4-276752-edited-160800-edited-1
Shirley Haggarty Executive Coach
Sarah Woods 1-3-2
Sarah Woods Senior Vice President, Global Consulting
Andrew Atkins
Andrew AtkinsSenior Vice President, Research, Innovation, and Practice
Sean CostaVice President, Client Solutions
Roanne NeuwirthVice President of   Marketing
Drew Yanno-2-2
Drew YannoVice President and General Counsel
Grace Connelly-2-1
Grace ConnellyChief Financial Officer
Scott Weighart Director of Learning and Development, Leadership Facilitator
Daniel Mausolf Director of Client Solutions
Rachel Suchoff
Rachel Suchoff Director of Administration
Gisele GarceauDirector of Administration and Project Management
Meghan McGrath-2-3
Meghan McGrath Director of Marketing
Angela Headshot High Res-1-889246-edited
Angela RichardsExPI Assessment & Partner Lead
Chris Goodnow-2-3
Chris GoodnowMarketing Associate
Voula CarnevaleExecutive Assistant
Kristin LindstromExecutive Assistant and Office Manager
Tara Frier-5
Tara Goodwin Frier Public Relations and Media Consultant
Kara Lund
Kara Lund Voice and Speech Coach
Mary Lou Andre photo - 2016-1
Mary Lou Andre Style and Professional Image Expert

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