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Four Differentiators for Technology Leaders:

Earning a Seat at the Table as a Strategic Business Partner

More than ever, CIOs and CTOs have higher visibility and an opportunity to play a pivotal role in corporations as strategic business partners.  Technology leaders must be ready to use an exceptional ability to position their message strategically and communicate with authority at the senior executive level.  They have to demonstrate that they are aligned with the business needs of their organizations—particularly in those functional areas that are marketplace differentiators for the company. By fulfilling four differentiating roles for technology leaders as well as following a three-step communication strategy, CIOs and CTOs can earn a seat at the table with senior leadership.  In this Bates Special Report, you'll gain insight into how today’s technology leaders can build strong relationships with their CEOs, boards, and leadership teams, ensuring that they are seen as valued strategic business partners rather than merely the head of a costly support function.


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