Team and Group Assessment

We provide leaders with a robust appraisal of their team or group's impact and implement solutions to rapidly accelerate their performance.

To successfully drive their strategy, a team, group or business unit must perform with alignment and focus on a common goal. How the group “shows up” to each other and to the organization has a dramatic impact on their ability to see results.

The leader’s role

A leader’s approach to addressing group performance is particularly critical when the group is faced with a new strategic initiative, enterprise-wide change, or competitive pressures from market forces. If intuition or observation indicates the group is underperforming, their ability to influence important stakeholders is at risk. The leader’s role is to help the group appreciate and understand their greater impact, and guide them in aligning around a shared vision, mission, and objectives.

Assessing barriers to performance

Our process provides leaders with a robust appraisal of what’s working and what isn’t within the group. Through a robust assessment, we provide qualitative and quantitative data about the gaps and developmental needs that may be holding them back. Working in partnership with the leader, we create a customized plan for addressing communication, executive presence, and group dynamics.

“Thanks to the Bates team for all of your work in facilitating a fantastic program. I’ve been with the organization for 22 years and this was one of the most useful and rewarding programs in which I have participated.”
— Regional President, Fortune 50 Insurance & Financial Services Company

Changing behaviors and building capabilities

In group sessions, we provide the group with breakthrough insights on how to break the inertia of inhibiting dynamics and habits that detract from performance. Using assessment data, we help them appreciate how stakeholder perceptions may be affecting their ability to drive business results. We help them understand how to change behaviors and processes, using practical, proven tools to communicate more effectively with one another and with key stakeholders. The group ultimately builds the confidence and the skills they need to operate more effectively and to make a greater impact.