Leadership Team Effectiveness

Create Alignment and Drive Strategic Execution

There is a compelling, urgent case for inviting teams to look inward at how they operate together.  In today’s complex, global, fast-paced business world, increasing the work of organizations is done in teams, and in teams of teams. The challenge is that this is hard. Team failures are costly, and it is rarely external forces that create the impediment.

This is where Bates comes in. Organizations call on us to help their teams solve problems and get things done. Teams from the world’s largest global companies look to us to cut through the clutter, think differently, identify the problem to solve, work together, collaborate, and accelerate their ability to deliver on their strategic objectives and achieve breakthrough results.

What Makes us Different

Our approach offers a unique perspective to working with teams to become high performing. Our underlying philosophy is that a team is not a sum of the individuals, but a sum of how they behave together. Our cutting-edge research and methodology includes the groundbreaking Bates Leadership Team Performance Index (LTPITM) and Assessment developed to put teams on the path to high performance and business impact.

Bates takes the diagnostic of teams to a new level by identifying the essential behaviors that typify today’s high performing teams.  Unlike most approaches, we look at a team as a unit that exists for a common purpose and must coordinate to accomplish its business goals. We look at the team itself because the effectiveness of a team cannot be fully understood only through assessment of individuals on that team.

The Bates model and team assessment—based on the latest global research on team performance—help teams breakthrough the barriers that hold them back, understand their strengths and gaps, and make small but meaningful changes that transform how they work together.

Our Approach

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“We have had our best year ever. We’re working better than we ever have – we’re a professional working team. Looking back 18 months ago, we were worrying about each other’s agendas. Now everyone’s agenda is to move in the same direction, so we’re getting things done more quickly and we’re able to have constructive conversations, see blind spots and accomplish more.”

-   President, major market-dominant health insurer 


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