Leadership Team Effectiveness

Create Alignment and Drive Strategic Execution

If your organization is driving a strategic shift, change initiative, M&A integration or business restructuring, success depends on your leadership team’s ability to quickly align and mobilize people to execute the new strategy. When facing change, leadership team collaboration can be strained, yet your ability to build agreement on and share a consistent message about future state goals is more critical than ever.

We are experts in communicative leadership and partner with teams to drive effectiveness and build capabilities in real-time within the context of the critical goals of the organization. Our methods have a direct and measurable impact, improving team collaboration, communication and ability to accelerate execution.

Our approach offers a unique perspective to team effectiveness. Unlike most approaches, we look at a team as a unit that exists for a common purpose and must coordinate to accomplish its business goals. We look at the team itself because the effectiveness of a team cannot be fully understood only through assessment of individuals on that team. Our underlying philosophy is that a team is not a sum of the individuals, but a sum of how they behave together. Our cutting-edge methodology includes the groundbreaking Bates Leadership Team Performance Index (LTPITM) and Assessment, developed to put teams on the path to high performance and business impact.

Our Approach

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