Leading High Performing Teams

Program Overview

Leaders of high performing teams generate energy, create focus, and ignite momentum in their organizations.  These leaders guide their teams to become high performing. Their teams have a shared mission, purpose, and strategy, and they work together to make decisions and execute. They also have that hard-to-find alchemy that creates cohesion, collaboration and esprit de corps. Their teams put on their enterprise hats, make decisions for the whole, and work together as one.

How do you become the leader of high performing teams that are known for driving execution? Leading High Performing Teams is a course for leaders of businesses, functional, and project teams who want their teams to deliver above and beyond. We know today in organizations there is an urgent need to take team work to a higher level, and create networks of teams working together and sharing information. As organizations move away from traditional, hierarchical ways of operating, the leaders of teams need to get their teams to work faster, break down silos, and communicate across the businesses, time zones and cultures, to get things done.

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Leading High Performing Teams Program

Leading High Performing Teams Program
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October 25-26, 2018



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What You Will Learn in Leading High Performing Teams

This course will help you effectively lead your team to focus on the right things and do more in less time. You’ll also discover how to build the genuine trust that helps teams overcome challenges and get to results. You’ll discover ways of leading that will accelerate progress on your key initiatives. You’ll learn how to develop a shared vision, unite around strategic priorities, create clarity about direction, manage and address dissent, encourage ownership and accountability. You’ll also discover how to foster constructive conflict, and what it means to collaborate. Drawing on our nearly two decades of work with senior leader teams, we provide assessment, insights and tools that will be your roadmap to inspiring great teamwork.

You will discover how to:

  • Unlock the secrets to building authentic trust and shared purpose that fuels success
  • Master the complexity of virtual team leadership, collaboration and communication
  • Dramatically improve speed in decision making, positive conflict management and resolution
  • Create a culture that inspires purposeful innovation, creating new ways of generating revenue
  • Focus teams to be intentional about setting priorities and driving business growth
  • Leverage the diversity of your team and its strengths, while improving on the gaps
  • Help new and transitioning teams move rapidly through the early stages to high performance
“I appreciated the candor and helpful course corrections you gave me through the ExPI process. I believe it will be a turning point in my journey and one I wish had come several years ago!”
— VP of HR, Aerospace Industry
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Is Leading High Performing Teams for You?

This program is for experienced team leaders who have important roles in driving strategic outcomes and want to discover even more effective ways to provide exceptional team leadership.  Not a course for first-time managers, this program offers sophisticated approaches and frameworks for assessing a team’s performance and understanding one’s own strengths and gaps in getting the most from the team. It offers tools for helping your team work with other teams and leaders, identify barriers to success, productively discuss differences, make faster, better decisions, and execute on strategic initiatives.

  • Senior executives, presidents, VPs and high potential leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners
  • High potential leaders running strategic initiatives and major projects
  • Leaders working across boundaries and creating networks of teams working together
  • Leaders who need to have teams that:
    • Work quickly, together, and with conviction toward enterprise goals
    • Break down silos across a large organization that are barriers to success
    • Lead transformation to address significant changes in how business must be done
    • Coordinate and execute complex initiatives and mobilize and sustain the work

Business Needs Met by This Program

This program targets the business needs of leaders with these types of challenges and responsibilities in their organizations:

  • Need to unlock the unrealized strengths of the organization to drive faster growth
  • Urgent requirement to accelerate decisions, get more done, and see ROI on projects, initiatives
  • Manage inevitable conflict, remove barriers and foster enterprise thinking
  • Changing customer demands require teams to find fresh approaches and innovate
  • Communication is a barrier to execution, need to get buy-in and galvanize action
  • Guide a virtual, dispersed or global network of teams that needs to work together
  • Team needs to overcome too much or too little conflict, to get more done

Why Choose Leading High Performing Teams?

The Leading High Performance Teams program offers a unique, high impact experience that gives you a tangible, powerful set of tools to go back to the office and succeed, including these key elements:

  • Highly interactive, engaging learning environment with peers from a variety of industries
  • Expert guidance from seasoned executive coaches working successfully with global teams
  • Understanding of failure points that magnify the need for collaboration, communication
  • Based on a unique, tested, research-based approach to assessing team/individual strengths & gaps
  • Three step process to identify problems, agree on criteria and rapidly reach good decisions
  • Laddered approach to create what you need, from team charter to common sense protocols
  • Roadmap for connecting teams together, sharing information and increasing esprit de corps
  • Secrets to crack the code on leadership of virtual teams that will engage, align, inspire

Why Bates

Our clients tell us that what sets us apart is that our work is based in research but that we’re very practical, results-oriented and business savvy. The Leading High Performing Teams program is based on our original, proprietary research on innovation leadership, trust and team performance, and our ground-breaking, scientifically-based Executive Presence Assessment (ExPI Assessment).  The findings of this work have been published internationally, and showcased in professional journals, including Rotman Management Magazine.  Most importantly, they have been put to the test in the field with leadership teams and senior executives at the world’s largest companies, enabling them to drive business outcomes and deliver on strategic initiatives faster and more successfully.

The course is led by seasoned executive coaches and facilitators with a track record of coaching and advising senior and high potential leaders and their teams in large and mid-size companies in more than 40 countries, as well as their own extensive experience in business and leadership.

Program Agenda

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