Bates LTPI™ Assessment Certification

Program Overview

In today’s fast-paced, demanding business world, it’s more important than ever for teams to be high performing. While the importance of having high performing teams isn’t new, what has changed in just a few years’ time is the definition of a high performing team. Teams today must work at the speed of change, manage frequent disruption, and try to stay ahead of the pace of advancing technology. The challenge is that this is hard. Team failures are costly, and it is rarely external forces that create the impediment. 

This is where the Bates LTPI™ (Leadership Team Performance Index) comes in. Our assessment provides teams and their leaders keen insights into essential behaviors that typify today’s high performing teams. This new model and assessment draw on the latest research on global teams as well as tried and true, proven tenets of great team performance. Building on the expertise and data-driven insights gained through implementing our Bates Executive Presence Index (ExPITM) for 4 years, together with the latest global research on teams, the LTPI™ delivers a unique and revolutionary way to shine a light on the team’s collective strengths and gaps, in real time, with the goal of interpreting that data in context with the team’s mission, goals and business challenges.

The cost of certification is $2,995 which includes a free LTPI survey for your first client - a $1,295 value - if the survey is used within 60 days of completing the program.


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Bates LTPI Certification

Bates LTPI™ Certification
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October 29 & November 19, 2020


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*Registration fee includes 1 free LTPI™ survey, a $1,295 value, if the survey is used within 60 days of completing the certification program.

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What Will You Learn in Bates LTPI™ Assessment Certification?

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The Bates LTPITM Assessment Certification program provides talent and organizational development leaders and consultants with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the uniqueness of the Bates LTPITM assessment and the reliable Bates process of ensuring that the data translates into insights and actionable feedback for the team and its leader.  Whether you attend an in-person program or a virtual program that combines self-study and live virtual sessions, you will gain confidence and competence in administering the Bates LTPITM.  In addition to learning the Bates Leadership Team Performance Index model, you’ll get hands-on practice in analyzing and interpreting LTPITM data as well as opportunities to work in small groups to prepare for powerful debrief meetings with clients.

Features that set the Bates LTPITM apart:

  1. Looks at the team “as a whole” rather than assessing individual members
  2. Draws on the latest global research
  3. Addresses today’s emerging organizational challenges
  4. Is context-specific to the team’s business imperatives
  5. Highlights gaps between the team’s intentions and perceptions 
  6. Aligns with the Bates ExPI™, a multi-rater 360, that measures individual executive presence

Through the program, you will learn how to:

  • Become fluent in describing the three dimensions and 15 facets of the LTPI™ model
  • Gather information to make feedback relevant to the team's strategic goals and challenges
  • Spot common themes and patterns that will help you create greater meaning from the data
  • Prepare to facilitate a high-impact team debrief session that gets to the heart of the issues and creates momentum for action
  • Enable teams to embrace their strengths while addressing their development themes
  • Connect team performance to business results, differentiating you as a trusted advisor and strategic partner
  • Make the link between the ExPI™ and the LTPI™, if appropriate
“I wouldn’t ever work with a team without the LTPI. The LTPI has transformed our teams performance. ”
— Business Unit President, Global Technology Company
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Business Needs Met by this Program

This program targets the business needs of talent and organizational development leaders and consultants who are addressing team performance challenges and opportunities with their clients, and in their organizations.  They are working with leaders and their teams who need to:

  • Ramp up and integrate a newly formed or recently reconfigured team quickly to get results
  • Drive change, transformation, innovation, and execute major initiatives
  • Collaborate and work together more effectively across geographies and locations
  • Overcome a history of conflict and siloed thinking among individual team members
  • Counteract lack of trust in the leader or each other to deliver results for the enterprise
  • Quickly acclimate to a new strategic charter, achieve early wins and make an earlier impact
  • Understand the impact they have on other stakeholders and functions, so they are viewed more effective and in touch
  • Develop team qualities proven by research to move the needle on business results

Is Bates LTPI™ Assessment Certification for you?

The Bates LTPI™ is for talent and organizational development leaders and consultants who want to bring fresh insights to their work, whether internal or external to the company, to help drive growth, innovation and critical business outcomes. The course also gives you a chance to meet and interact with highly qualified, seasoned professionals who are joining our growing, global community of practice to share ideas and learn about new research.

To become certified in the Bates LTPI™ Assessment, you must:

  • Have appropriate education, certification or experience in a discipline related to human resource development
  • Provide evidence of certification in leadership assessment tools and experience delivering interpretive feedback to leaders
  • Provide evidence of experience in facilitating teams and experience with team assessments


Why Choose Bates LTPI™ Assessment Certification?

The Bates LTPI™ Assessment Certification program provides practitioners with the opportunity to learn to use the Bates LTPITM, a unique perspective and way to measure the leading edge essential qualities to high performing teams today, in the context of the team’s business challenges and strategic goals. Participants have the opportunity to incorporate innovation into their work and differentiate their practices to bring value to leaders and their teams in a powerful new way, based on measurement that matters. 

What to expect in the course:

  • Learn to administer and interpret the Bates LTPI™ assessment through exploring case studies based on actual Bates clients, including practices in reading and interpreting LTPI™ feedback, and learning to make the feedback actionable for the team
  • Articles to deepen your understanding of the model
  • An interactive, thought-provoking and stimulating learning environment, providing opportunities for practice and feedback
  • Work with experienced facilitators who will help you analyze and interpret the Bates LTPI™
  • A discussion of how the LTPI™ compares to other assessments
  • A perspective on how and when to leverage the LTPI™
  • Access post-event to the Bates global Community of Practice, providing you with numerous articles, research, videos, and templates to further your practice and knowledge 
  • Marketing support including certification logo and client materials for sales

To accommodate the different needs of our global participants, we offer two options for becoming certified in the Bates LTPITM:

  • An intensive two-day program delivered in person
  • A virtual program combining self-paced learning and two short live, online sessions for the whole participant group

Advantages of attending the virtual program:

  • An interactive, thought-provoking and stimulating multimedia environment, including videos, online quizzes, assignments, readings, and group discussion forums
  • The self-paced learning modules allow you to make progress when it's most convenient for you
  • Reduced travel time and cost
  • Substantial partner work and group learning activities during the live virtual sessions

Advantages of attending the in-person program:

  • Extensive opportunities to learn from peers who share your background and passions as well as from interaction with the Bates team
  • A more concentrated learning experience, as we cover the material in two days rather than spreading the content out over several weeks.
  • Informal opportunities to network and connect through meals and receptions during the two-day program

Why Bates?

Bates is an innovator in leader development, launching the first-and-only research-based, scientifically validated multi-rater assessment that measures a leader’s executive presence and influence, and the new, state-ot-the-art assessment for team performance. Our seasoned facilitators have used the Bates ExPI™ and LTPITM to help senior leaders at the world’s leading companies in over 40 countries accelerate their strategic agendas, deliver bottom line results more effectively, and enable innovation and new business model creation. Our deep expertise in communicative leadership sets us apart and allows us to help individuals, teams and organizations move where they need to go.

Programs are led by seasoned organization and team development experts who were involved in the creation of the Bates LTPITM assessment and model. Our facilitators have extensive track records of helping senior leaders and their teams excel and deliver breakthrough performance. They strive to create a great learning environment for the senior level practitioner who is looking for ways to grow, innovate, and deliver value and impact.

Learning Objectives

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October 29 & November 19, 2020



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*Registration fee includes 1 free LTPI™ survey, a $1,295 value, if the survey is used within 60 days of completing the certification program.