Leadership Team Performance Index Assessment - LTPI™

The Bates LTPI™ Assessment shines a light on a team’s collective strengths and gaps, in real time, with the goal of interpreting that data in context with the team’s mission, goals and challenges.

The Bates Leadership Team Performance Model, and the Bates LTPI™ (Leadership Team Performance Index) assessment based on the model, provides teams and their leaders keen insights into essential behaviors that typify today’s high performing teams. This new model and assessment draw on the latest research on global teams as well as tried and true, proven tenets of great team performance.

High Performing Team
/hī pərˈfôrmiŋ tēm/
A high performing team sets free the genius of its members to create the extraordinary together.

A Powerful New Tool to Create High Performing Teams

Leadership Team Performance Index

In today’s fast-paced, global, disrupted, digital world, it’s more important than ever for teams to be high performing. Teams must work at the speed of change, manage frequent disruption, and try to stay ahead of the pace of advancing technology. It’s the team and the network of teams that learn to work together in these conditions that make their companies winners.

Yet functioning as a team can be hard and failure costly. A recent Harvard Business Review found executives estimate that their companies lost an average of over $10 million per year because teams were avoiding conflict, lacked the curiosity to learn from others, or fell victim to analysis paralysis.

The Bates Leadership Team Performance Model raises the bar for leaders and their organizations and takes the understanding of what makes a high performing team to a deeper level. The LTPITM Assessment, based on the model, gathers data on the team and measures its qualities. You might think of it as how the team is “showing up.” Based on the latest, forward-thinking, globally-sourced research on high performing teams, we have clarified what creates a high performing team as a three-dimensional model of Culture, Credibility and Collaboration. Within these dimensions are 15 distinct facets that comprise the behaviors of a high performing team.

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How does the Bates LTPI™ Assessment work?

The multi-rater LTPI™ doesn’t measure tendencies – it measures team behaviors – providing feedback to the team on 90 items to see if their actions help or hinder performance. Using a five-point Likert Scale, the LTPI™ asks teams to rate the frequency of behaviors from “Never” to “Always.” This yields not only an average score, but a range of scores, so we can see how much members agree or disagree.

By looking at the average answers as well as the range of answers for each item, the team gets an excellent picture of where they think they are successfully exhibiting best practices and where they need to do a better job. If requested, the assessment can also include ratings from key external stakeholder groups such as customers, other teams or the team leader’s boss or bosses.

The team feedback report is delivered in a briefing where we interpret the findings with the team, facilitate discussion about the impact, and determine changes the team wants and needs to make to achieve great outcomes.


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