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Every conversation about mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and public offerings starts with the question, what is this business worth?  What's on the data sheet is only part of the story.

Unlocking maximum value requires you to help the buyer or investor see the value of the intangible assets or “goodwill.” Your ability to influence the buyer’s perceptions and analysis of the goodwill can make a staggering difference to the purchase price.

Through M&A consulting, Bates helps companies attract more buyers, keep them engaged through the process, and derive more value from mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. The secret is telling a sophisticated but compelling story of the business supported by facts, trends, and analytics.

Stories Lead to Higher Value

Unlocking Maximum Value

The equation for a higher value sale is the combination of the fundamentals of the business and the story of the business. To unlock maximum value, you must have a strong, well-prepared management team that is able to deliver a compelling story about the company in a confident, authentic way. We guide our clients to weave together a powerful story and then coach the management team to deliver it with impact.

What is the Real Story of the Business?

Through M&A consulting, we help companies tell a story that influences a buyer’s decisions. Beyond the history of the business, we bring out the story of how the business has navigated challenges, created customer relationships, developed new products and services, and uncovered market opportunities. In a competitive M&A environment, where you are competing for the attention of buyers, the story of the business and the management team’s ability to convey this information is critical to a timely, successful exit.

The “Intangible” Value That Adds $$ to the Deal

Influencing buyer decisions and unlocking the full value begins with our process of creating a complete picture of the business from the buyer’s perspective. Through our due diligence, we uncover the stories that align with the investment highlights. We work with the leadership team to project strong executive presence and a confident, authentic style.

Bates Storyboarding Process

Storyboarding Process

In our storyboarding process, we conduct interviews with the M&A and management team, and coordinate with the finance team and the bank, to develop themes and stories.  We map the story to the relevant data that buyers need to know. We develop the content and prepare the management team to deliver a powerful presentation. The result is a fact-based, hard-hitting, wow-factor presentation that ignites buyer interest.       

Management Team Coaching

When the management team stands up to speak, they are auditioning for the next leadership role.  Buyers evaluate their fit with the current business, leadership presence, business savvy, industry know-how, and personal qualities such as flexibility, responsiveness and intellect.   

Buyer View Mgmt Team


Our M&A communication coaching ensures that the executive team conveys these qualities when they meet with and present to the buyer. Our process allows the management team to practice, review videotape, and rehearse individually and together, so they become clear, fluent and at ease in front of the buyer.   

Coaching sessions also help the team manage through a challenging period, when the competing priorities of running a business and selling a business bring tensions and uncertainty. They have the confidential advice of an objective, outside resource to help them honor all of their commitments, manage their calendars, begin to plan the future and prepare for transition. Coaching enables them to show up prepared and able to connect with buyers in a relaxed, confident way.

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