Christa Sorenson, Executive Advisor and Consultant

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Christa Sorenson is an Executive Advisor and Consultant with Bates, a BTS Company. Christa influences organizations to make the workplace better—for employers and employees. By helping leaders guide change, she coaches them to draw upon their best selves, while growing their business and their leadership capabilities. Christa:

    • Coaches senior leaders as they approach new promotions, prepare for the C-Suite and Board interaction, or are challenged with shifting responsibilities and expectations.
    • Facilitates leadership teams, leading them through strategy-setting, interpersonal interactions, and implementation.
    • Creates infrastructure, planning, and communication strategies to guide companies through significant change, disruption, market shifts, and leadership changes.
    • Improves leadership capabilities of executives and teams by partnering with companies to build programs for leadership and team development, succession planning, and performance management.

Over the course of her career, Christa has served as the CHRO for Equity Residential (one of the largest US REITs with $28B market cap and 79,000 luxury apartment homes), an executive coach/advisor, and a trained Human Capital consultant—demonstrating her ability to transform cultures and coach executive teams.

Under Christa’s leadership, Equity Residential earned the Glassdoor Best Companies to Work For, engagement scores of over 80% ‘highly engaged employees’ for more than 10 years, and effectively navigated many large scale changes, including a strategic process to re-define their mission, vision, strategy, and purpose statement. Christa developed an executive coaching program and oversaw the creation of foundational and culture-setting leadership programs. Through the course of her tenure at Equity Residential, Christa coached and guided the succession planning and retirement of a number of senior executives and the development and preparation of their successors (3 CEOs, 4 COOs, and 3 CFOs).

Prior to her leadership role with Equity Residential, Christa operated her own consulting practice and also worked for Hewitt Associates, working with large clients such as Eli Lilly, Goodyear Tire, and Amoco, and many start-ups. In addition, Christa worked with U.S. Robotics (acquired by 3Com), guiding change and leadership development for them as they navigated early-stage growth.

Industry expertise

Christa has experience across most industries.