Joe Andrews, Executive Advisor and Consultant



Joe Andrews specializes in helping leaders excel through executive advising, coaching, consulting and facilitation for C-level executives and their leadership teams. As a former technology industry CHRO who was instrumental in supporting corporate strategy development, worldwide growth and human capital initiatives, Joe brings deep expertise and insight to his clients as a trusted partner in their leadership. Joe’s goal in advising executives is to ensure they lead their organizations in a positive and understanding way that manifests itself with engaged and motivated employees while delivering on their business strategy and outcomes.

Joe has served on numerous successful executive leadership teams and worked extensively with their boards to develop strategies and practices that made a significant difference in reaching their business goals. Joe’s board interactions include lead executive of the Compensation Committee, as well as leadership strategy and culture identification and change. 

As the SVP of Human Resources for Progress Software Corporation and a member of the company's executive leadership team, Joe drove the company's human capital management strategy in 38 countries, also serving as the company's Chief Compliance Officer.

Joe has extensive experience with M&A and leading cultural integration in multiple companies to retain start-up energy while transitioning to the next-phase mindset and realize value in the transaction. At the request of the board, he has also led CEO searches.

Joe has held senior positions at NEC Technologies, Polaroid Corporations Graphic and Medical Imaging Systems (which were both acquired), Digital Equipment Corp. and General Electric Co. Joe has served on the board of a number of associations and well-established smaller companies.

In addition, Joe led the successful sale of his family’s business and properties, working extensively with potential buyers and government officials. He did so by completing a three-year audit and developing a plan to bring the business back into the black while paying out investors. Through strong sales and marketing skills, Joe developed the successful pitch which led to the eventual sale. He also negotiated a five-year contract for existing leadership to manage the business.

Joe earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts and serves as a frequent conference host/moderator and speaker at human resources conferences and events.