Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development, Leadership Facilitator

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Scott Weighart is Director of Learning and Development with Bates Communications, where he creates innovative tools and content to assist the firm’s clients as they work toward mastering powerful communication and leadership skills.

Prior to joining Bates in August 2011, Scott spent over two decades in roles within the education and private sectors, helping adult and student learners reach their full professional potential through books, articles, workshops, classes, one-on-one coaching, and integrated learning systems. One constant over the years has been his focus on designing and delivering creative, innovative curricula that make learning engaging and memorable for audiences. 

Scott spent over a decade as a faculty member in the Department of Cooperative Education at Northeastern University, providing career coaching to students and helping employers hire young talent. While in this job, he was the primary instructional designer of a career preparation course and wrote three books, culminating in Learning From Experience, a voluminous resource book for career educators. 

Earlier in his career, Scott worked as a project manager and medical writer for Total Learning Concepts, which created sales training materials for the pharmaceutical industry.  His role was to make sophisticated medical content engaging and understandable for sales professionals.  He previously taught classes on organizational behavior at Boston University, where he co-authored a textbook for Houghton Mifflin. As an authority on experiential learning, he has presented at numerous conferences across the US and Canada.

Outside of Bates, Scott writes for US College Hockey Online, covering the Boston University hockey beat. In 2009, he wrote a book chronicling the inside story of the team. Scott resides in Brookline, Mass. with his wife and two children.

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