Research and Validity

The Bates Leadership Team Performance Model is based on the latest, forward-thinking, globally-sourced research on high performing teams. We drew from more than 150 research studies from a wide variety of sources. Our assessment dimensions, facets and questions are informed by leading research conducted by authorities including:

Richard Hackman (Harvard)
Amy Edmondson (Harvard)
Linda Hill (Harvard)
Chris Argyris (Harvard)
Jon Katzenbach (Katzenbach Partners)
Etty Jehn (Wharton)
Adam Grant (Wharton)
John Malone (MIT Media Lab)
Lynda Gratton (London Business School)

The assessment has been validated by a group of independent Ph.D.s and experts in the field of team dynamics and leadership, providing affirmation that the LTPI™ measures “the right things.”

We cast a wide net by drawing on global research.

LTPI Global Research map

The Bates LTPI™ draws from a variety of disciplines including:

  • Team dynamics
  • Group psychology
  • Systems thinking
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Decision science
  • Unconscious bias
  • Dialogic OD
  • Social Constructionism
  • Social intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Humor

As a result, the Bates LTPI™ is not narrowly focused on a single factor, model or theory, but includes state-of-the-practice factors on high performing teams around the world, not found in any other single team assessment.

LTPI Model