Special Report
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Today’s CEOs, executive teams and boards of directors face a very real concern about the leadership pipeline in their organizations. They don’t have enough visibility into who their best leaders are, or even what defines “best.” They don’t know who they can count on for key initiatives, or who to bet on in the future. They are flying blind when it comes to building the right leadership they need to deliver on growth and long-term competitive advantage. These critical decisions are being made based on instinct and habit, rather than on information and insight.

As the C-Suite and the board increasingly seek to remove the guesswork in making sure the right leadership is in place, people analytics is emerging as an important field of data analytics. HR is still behind the curve because companies have not invested to date in rigorous approaches to gathering and analyzing people and leadership data, but the pressure is growing to answer the question “How can we stop flying blind?” when it comes to leadership.   

Based on our latest research, fueled by in-depth confidential interviews with an Advisory Panel of senior HR and talent leaders from our roster of top clients and analytics experts, this special report seeks to answer that question.

The Future of HR Analytics: How to Stop Flying Blind and Start Tracking What Matters in Leadership, examines the state of people analytics: how organizations are beginning to collect, analyze, evaluate, and leverage people and leadership data to provide insights to senior leadership.

Download the report and gain insight into:

  • CEO and C-suite priorities for leadership pipeline and succession
  • What companies are doing – and where the biggest gaps lie – in gathering and using people analytics, and connecting them to the business strategy
  • What are Leadership Analytics and why they are the missing link to delivering growth, innovation, transformation, and sustainable advantage
  • How to start small using leader data in your own company to make better decisions about your leadership pipeline