The Bates ExPI™ Assessment

How does the Bates ExPI™ Assessment work?

The Bates ExPI™ multi-rater assessment tool measures 15 unique facets of a leader’s executive presence. Perceptions of others are compared with the leader’s self-perceptions in order to identify strengths and gaps across all relevant facets of leadership that contribute to one’s presence and impact as a leader.

The Bates ExPI™ Assessment is administered via an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is completed by the individual leader (self-rating), their manager, peers, and direct reports. The Bates ExPI™ contains 90 items and 3 open-ended questions. It provides 15 individual rating scales organized under the three dimensions of executive presence outlined by the Bates Model.

All participants receive professional support to review, interpret, and apply feedback reports. Individualized and group-based approaches to feedback are available based upon the indicated needs of sponsoring companies and individual participants.

Sample Assessment Items:


  • "Shares the life lessons that underlie his/her views and beliefs."
  • "Walks the talk on values of honesty, promise-keeping, and fairness."
  • "Even when giving hard-hitting feedback, his/her positive intentions are clear."


  • "Able to appraise a complex situation and go directly to the heart of an issue."
  • "Knows how to de-escalate emotions and focus discussion."
  • "Makes even daunting goals and aspirations seem realistic, exciting, and achievable."


  • "After a discussion with him/her everyone is clear about direction and next steps."
  • "Encourages and expects frequent interaction to coordinate action and sustain alignment."
  • "Does not shy away from making his/her opinions, views, and reactions known."