Executive Presence Mastery

Program Overview

Executive presence has long been acknowledged as an important, yet mysterious “X-Factor” in leadership.  Why do so many people talk about presence, and, how do you define it?  If you have received feedback on your presence, how can you develop it?  This course will answer those questions.  For every leader who wants to be ready for the top job, or has moved into a senior role and wants to make a bigger impact, we address the fuzzy definitions and diverse perspectives by introducing a science-based model of presence, which is now used in top companies and in more than 40 countries.

This highly practical course will open your eyes, and encourage you to see how easy it is to develop your own authentic and powerful brand of presence. You’ll discover how others view your presence and what that means to your ability to influence and make an impact. The course is built around a science-based assessment based on empirical studies in leadership, communication, psychology, and social action, philosophy and ethics. Highly practical, informative and business-friendly, the course opens the aperture on your own strengths and gaps, and gives you tools to develop the kind of presence that opens the doors to the C-Suite.   

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Executive Presence Mastery Program
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What Will You Learn in Executive Presence Mastery?

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The Executive Presence Mastery program provides you with a clear path to understanding your executive presence and how it is felt by others. It is a holistic approach to leadership that looks at your brand of presence in three dimensions – Character, Substance and Style. The Bates ExPI™ Assessment, and pre-conference insights delivered by a Bates coach, will enable you to discover your strengths and gaps within 15 areas of leadership. 

Through the program, you will discover:

  • What qualities matter most in developing strong executive presence 

  • How your executive presence is tied to delivering business results

  • A clear-eyed view of how others see your strengths and ways to leverage them

  • Keys to addressing your gaps to be a more effective leader

  • How executive presence enables you to engage, align, inspire and move people to act 

  • Qualities of presence you can enhance to earn others’ trust and loyalty

  • Aspects of presence that will help you earn credibility to get your ideas heard

  • Facets of presence that help you drive execution by getting others to get things done

  • What to do when your team, your boss, or peers don’t see you the way others do

  • Ways to manage your time and energy so you come across as the leader you want to be

Prior to the program, you’ll have the opportunity to complete the Bates ExPI™, a multi-rater 360 assessment that gives you valuable feedback on 15 facets of your presence and influence. You’ll have a confidential feedback and interpretation session with a Bates coach, who provides guidance in interpreting your Bates ExPI Leader Report. Along with the coach, you’ll identify concrete steps to apply what you’ve learned to two important, business relevant themes that are drivers in your current role.

“I appreciated the candor and helpful course corrections you gave me through the ExPI process. I believe it will be a turning point in my journey and one I wish had come several years ago!”
— VP of HR, Aerospace Industry
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Is Executive Presence Mastery for You?

The course is designed for leaders with responsibility for teams, projects, businesses and enterprises. The Bates ExPI Assessment measures qualities and facets of leadership that are developed as leaders gain maturity and experience. New managers typically do not have the leadership experience or scope of responsibilities that are measured in the assessment.

• Senior executives, presidents, VPs and high potential leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners
• Leaders who need to:

‒ Make difficult goals seem exciting and attainable to inspire above and beyond performance
‒ Elevate their impact and influence on enterprise results
‒ Communicate less technically with a big picture and enterprise focus
‒ Fast-track their transition into new roles, new responsibilities
‒ Develop higher EQ, listening skills and ability to read the room
‒ Be authentic, share their stories, connect and win hearts and minds
‒ Raise their personal visibility, profile and brand

Business Needs Met by this Program

This program targets the business needs of leaders with these types of challenges and responsibilities in their organizations:

• Need to win-buy in, influence actions, build support for initiatives
• On point to lead change, drive innovation, or execute major initiatives
• Feedback from key people in the organization suggesting you enhance executive presence
• Building a leadership brand/visibility with internal and external audiences
• Stepping into a new role where you need to stand on a bigger stage
• Anticipate opportunity for promotion and need to demonstrate capability at higher levels
• Leading a team that must execute a strategy and deliver results
• Want to accelerate effectiveness and deliver on business outcomes

Why Choose Executive Presence Mastery?

The Executive Presence Mastery program offers a unique, high impact experience that gives you a tangible, powerful set of tools to go back to the office and succeed, including these key elements:

• Unique data set of your strengths and development areas, based on the ExPITM assessment
• Confidential feedback and interpretation with a Bates coach
• Highly interactive, engaging virtual learning environment with peers from a variety of
• Expert guidance from seasoned executive coaches working successfully with global teams
• Wisdom sharing with peers around your business challenges
• Tools and techniques to manage your time and maintain your energy at the highest levels

Why Bates?

Bates has developed the first-and-only research-based, scientifically validated 360 tool to measure a leader’s executive presence and influence. Our seasoned business experts have used the Bates ExPI to help senior leaders at the world’s leading companies in over 40 countries accelerate their strategic agendas, deliver bottom line results more effectively, and enable innovation and new business model creation. Our deep expertise in communicative leadership sets us apart and allows us to help individuals, teams and organizations move where they need to go.

Programs are led by seasoned executive coaches and facilitators who are certified in the Bates ExPI Assessment and Model and are experienced facilitating our unique modules such as Leadership Pathways. Our coaches have a track record of coaching senior and high potential leaders in large and mid-size companies, as well as their own extensive experience in business and leadership.

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