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A common trait of successful, inspiring and impactful leaders is they recognize the need to invest in continuous learning and growth to reinforce strengths, deepen expertise and build the capabilities to lead and motivate others.

Our two decades in leadership programs has led us to innovate and offer a set of stimulating, inspiring learning experiences specifically for the senior and high potential leader, and their teams. Leaders can access an interrelated and mutually reinforcing series of programs that build skill, confidence and expertise in communicative leadership.

When leaders attend the programs in the Bates Leadership Academy, they often say they are the best, most motivating and actionable learning experience they’ve had in their careers. Our Speak Like a CEO alumni consistently remark that they entered feeling like they’d never be able to command a room and leave feeling like they know the secrets to presenting themselves with the confidence and gravitas of a senior leader. For more information, download our brochure below by clicking the "learn more" button.

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