Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite

Program Overview

If your team interacts with the C-Suite in your organization; or you are selling to the C-Suite, you need to become a credible, valued partner who can communicate effectively, build trust and influence decisions. C-Suite executives focus on enterprise priorities. Gaining the attention of C-Suite audiences is daunting for even the most experienced professionals. They reserve a seat at the table for those leaders and professionals who bring them valuable insights. They give time and listen to people who understand their priorities, stimulate their thinking, ask great questions, share expertise, and speak in a clear, concise, compelling way. Analysis must be clear, ideas big, solutions timely. 

Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite prepares you and your team to connect at a peer level and influence senior executives. Our facilitators customize the program for your team, your project, and your audience. You select a specific issue you want to discuss, decision you want to influence, or idea you want to sell, and we provide a roadmap to help you show up as an expert. Not a sales training course, this is about how to zero in on the C-Suite audience’s interests, map out promising, topical conversations, inform sophisticated listeners with analysis, engage in a quality dialogue and become a trusted advisor.

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This program is on a custom basis only. Please contact us for more information at

Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite

Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite
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This program is on a custom basis only. Please contact us for more information at

What Will You Learn in Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite?

This program will guide you to show up ready for the game in any high stakes C-Suite conversation by taking the audience’s perspective. You’ll practice gathering and sharing insights and demonstrating your practical wisdom. Whether you’re a business leader, in sales, IT, Finance or HR, this course will show you how to have productive conversations that influence decisions and action.

You will discover how to:

  • Curate credible media and company thought leadership to stimulate conversation
  • Establish credibility through use of data and analysis targeted to their interests
  • Ask better questions that clarify a course of action and next steps
  • Use communication skill to create a peer-to-peer dialogue that shows confidence
  • Eliminate or rely far less on PowerPoint to open the lines for real communication
  • Stay focused on executive priorities and interests to keep attention and make your case
  • Speak in a clear, concise, and fluid way to make your points quickly and effectively
Thanks to the Bates team for all of your work in facilitating a fantastic program. I’ve been with the organization for 22 years and this was one of the most useful and rewarding programs in which I have participated.
— Regional President, Fortune 50 Insurance and Financial Services Company
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Is Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite for You?

This program is not a junior level or basic communication or sales course. It is designed for senior leaders, and professionals with senior client-facing sales or relationship roles, who want to take their relationship building and communications skills to a whole new level.  It is a strategic approach to building real rapport, making a powerful business case, connecting with C-Suite interests and becoming an influencer.  The program also works well for project teams that need to influence the C-Suite or C-level leaders, and for business development teams that are trying to break through, build and maintain a more strategic or consultative relationship with the C-Suite.

Business Needs Met by this Program

This program targets the business needs of leaders with these types of challenges and responsibilities in their organizations:

  • Responsible for ensuring that high-level client facing people are getting a seat at the table
  • Need to differentiate the firm by offering strategic insights to higher level executives
  • Critical to shift from tactical, formulaic conversations with non-economic buyers
  • Need to build peer-to-peer relationships with strategic, economic buyers
  • On point to respond to a change in the competitive marketplace, move into a new market
  • Presenting a new offering to the market, and need a way to get to senior level prospects
  • Meeting with influential clients, prospects, and leaders to influence and gain “the sale.”
  • Building capabilities to build and expand C-level relationships internally and externally

Why Choose Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite?

The Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite program offers a unique, interactive and high impact experience that gives you a tangible, powerful set of tools to go into the C-Suite and succeed.  

It includes:

  • A proprietary audience tool that assures you’ll be talking about what matters to the C-Suite
  • Process for identifying stimulating conversation material that demonstrates your expertise
  • Ways to incorporate data so it doesn’t overwhelm but rather, highlight your strategic expertise
  • Step by step process for developing questions that highlight your practical wisdom
  • Role-play practice with partners to hone your skill in having peer-to-peer dialogue
  • Approach to expressing a big idea that can expressed in fewer than 25 words

Why Bates?

We have nearly two decades of experience in helping leaders and professionals develop these qualities of presence that earn them credibility in the C-Suite and enable them to build peer-to-peer, trusted relationships. We have worked with some of the top companies in the world and their client-facing professionals to improve their presence and make them more effective in client facing situations. Our expertise enables us to ask probing questions and gain insights through a discovery process. We offer thinking tools and approaches– not a formulaic sales process. We work with each individual and the team to uncover how they can dial up communicative skills, to have strategic dialogues that help them gain entry to the C-Suite.