Storytelling for Leaders

Program Overview

There’s no denying the irresistible power of storytelling in influencing people and winning hearts and minds. In leadership, storytelling reins as the breakthrough skill that sets you apart and enables you to engage, align and inspire. Today, storytelling is growing in importance, not only for formal and informal talks, but also in sales, video, blogging, media and social media. As the world becomes larger, storytelling makes it smaller, bringing people together, connecting them through common themes, enabling you to share values and insights, and igniting passion. Mastering this art will help you meet numerous organizational objectives.

Great stories:

  • Connect with people through an authentic, natural, conversational style
  • Make your points in a powerful, memorable way so people remember them
  • Provide clarity about your leadership philosophy and approach
  • Showcase what you value as a leader and what that can mean to your organization
  • Reinforce individual and team behaviors that make your company successful
  • Recognize and celebrate those who drive business results across your organization
  • Inspire people to go above and beyond, tapping into emotion that drives employee engagement
  • Connect people with vision, purpose and strategy so they want to go above and beyond
  • Share your journey to earn the trust that enables you to mobilize people to act

Storytelling is not a natural born skill. We teach leaders how to find and develop original stories, and teach them confidence, in an authentic, natural style. Whether you’re polishing your delivery or you want to become more persuasive, this course will take your skills to the next level.

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This program is on a custom basis only. Please contact us for more information at

Storytelling for Leaders

Storytelling for Leaders
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This program is on a custom basis only. Please contact us for more information at

What Will You Learn in Storytelling for Leaders

Unlike many other storytelling courses, in this program you will not choose one, dramatic personal life story. We teach you how to find dozens of stories from your life and career, with the goal of building a practical useful anthology of business stories for speeches, presentations and blogging. Our philosophy is that your life and career are rich with stories, of ordinary events that be extraordinary when told well.   

You will discover how to:

  • Use our six-step template that makes it effortless to structure a great story
  • Start, build to a key moment, resolve and make a powerful point in each story
  • Build your own anthology of stories to use again and again
  • Stand and deliver a story with confidence and executive presence
  • Speak in a conversational style and use body language and gestures to bring stories to life
  • Transform the way you think of yourself as a storyteller
  • Use everyday events as ways to make highly relevant points to business audiences
  • Captivate audiences who are preoccupied, distracted and over-connected to technology
  • Polish your delivery so you own the stage and feel comfortable as a storyteller
  • Quickly write and practice new stories whenever you have an upcoming presentation
A huge thank you for a wonderful and masterfully facilitated session! Our VP sponsor of the offsite and lead of the team said, 'We hit it out of the ballpark!' ... and I agree.
— Executive Talent Development Leader, Pharmaceutical Company
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Is Storytelling for Leaders for You?

This program is designed for leaders who present to audiences of any size in any format and who are building their brands through blogging, media, and social media. The content is for the relatively experienced speaker who is interested in using storytelling to engage audiences and improve communicative leadership skills.

  • Senior executives, presidents, VPs and high potential leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners
  • Leaders who are in technical areas of the business who need to enhance overall communication
  • Sales professionals who need to tell the story of their company and customers
  • Leaders who need to:
    • Build a higher profile within their company or industry
    • Win support to drive initiatives and deliver exceptional results
    • Go beyond technical presentations to build rapport, win hearts and minds

Business Needs Met by this Program

This program targets the business needs of leaders with these types of challenges and responsibilities in their organizations:

  • Speaking to large and small groups and need to be polished, professional and memorable
  • Need to make stronger connections to audiences so they listen and engage with you
  • Dry, dull PowerPoint slides are not delivering the message effectively
  • Need to win people over emotionally as well as analytically
  • Want to become a more inspiring, engaging, motivating leader
  • Bringing storytelling into our leadership culture so we capture leader lessons
  • Storytelling in leadership is important to identifying and promoting corporate values
  • Telling the story of our company or service is essential to win new business

Why Choose Storytelling for Leaders?

The Storytelling for Leaders program offers a unique, high impact experience that gives you a tangible, powerful set of tools to go back to the office and succeed, including these key elements:

  • A simple, six-part storytelling process that teaches the leader how to begin a story, get to the point, and make it relevant for their audiences
  • A proven formula to find original stories through a process of guided reflection with powerful questions that elicit memories
  • Tools to share both personal and business stories in a way that enables them to be more authentic at the front of the room and connect with hearts and minds
  • Method to act out the stories on stage so to develop a stronger presence at the front of the room
  • A combination of reflection and active learning and methods to help you learn “on your feet” for maximum impact
  • Participants leave with two stories and know how they can develop an anthology of stories that can be used to inspire people, engage audiences, and motivate above and beyond performance
  • Connection of the principles of telling powerful stories to business priorities

Why Bates?

The course is led by seasoned executive coaches and facilitators with a track record of coaching and advising senior and high potential leaders in large and mid-size companies in more than 40 countries. Our coaches are certified in the Bates Method of Storytelling, which thousands of leaders have incorporated into their presentation toolbox.  The method is based on an approach shared by Suzanne Bates, CEO in her bestselling book Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results (McGraw Hill).  Our coaches set an upbeat tone from the start and know how to bring out the best in everyone. You’ll leave energized by the positive, supportive feedback, armed with a toolbox of proven methods and techniques for preparing any speech, presentation or important message.