Client Feedback and Testimonials

“My career was progressing to the point where I was responsible for monthly presentations to the Board. The coach helped me develop the skills to match my message to my audience, determine the relevant approach to building that message and then to prepare for the actual delivery. The process itself, as well as additional mentoring from the coach, increased my confidence. Her intrinsic ability to read people allowed her to personalize her approach to my needs. I am a much more comfortable, authentic and credible public speaker because of that approach.

My career has continued to advance and my need to build trust with my colleagues and our Board is greatly enhanced by my improved public speaking skills. In addition, I am a better advocate for our patients, providers and community because of my enhanced ability to position and deliver a message.” 

- EVP, Finance and Administration, Healthcare System


As the leader of a global finance group and a member of a global business management team, it’s important that I communicate in a way that engages and keeps people focused on the right business goals. Working with the Bates Team has been invaluable to me in refining my executive presence and honing my communication skills as a leader, especially during a time of incredible change. As I’ve structured my group to better lead our organization from a financial and operational perspective, I’ve been able to re-energize my global team and align individuals on what we need to achieve during the next few quarters, while providing a clearer strategic view longer term. During a time of great uncertainty, my team is stronger than ever and extremely focused and committed. I now have the tools to engage them and keep them focused to execute on the business at hand."

- Beth N., Business Unit – CFO, Fortune 50 Company


My experience with the ExPI certification program was outstanding. The ExPI assessment is potentially very helpful to all leaders, and the tool is rich and nuanced.  To get the most out of it, certification is essential. The Bates team has a thorough and well thought-through approach to skilling up coaches. The certification program gives you the necessary grounding to really appreciate and help people get full benefit from their ExPI feedback. In addition to the effective teaching component, the certification program provides opportunity to practice, role-play and network with other users, all of which accelerate and deepen understanding of the tool. The certification has proven its value as I’ve started to coach leaders with the help of the ExPI."

- Director, Global Talent Management, Global Luxury Retailer


“A huge thank you for a wonderful and masterfully facilitated session! Our VP sponsor of the offsite and lead of the team said, ‘We hit it out of the ballpark!’...and I agree. Your poise, ability to read the room and go with the energy, excellent facilitation, knowledge of our business, humor, and courage to go deep when it was necessary was really an inspiration. You far exceeded my expectations for the session, and they were already pretty high! And, I believe you have positively and fundamentally changed our understanding of what Executive Presence means and how to work to strengthen flatter sides.”

- Executive Talent Development Leader, Pharmaceutical Company

“Working with Bates Communications has had a significant impact on my effectiveness at communicating at the senior leadership level. I am now more confident, better prepared, and have increased impact when presenting to audiences such as our Board of Directors, industry groups and strategic partners. The coach quickly dove into my business during a time of transformative change, identifying opportunities for me to rapidly demonstrate greater impact, motivate my workforce and successfully launch highly visible strategic initiatives. She brought a successful balance of structure and flexibility to the engagement, all with a sense of humor that made the work fun. It was great to have her in my corner.”

- Jim D., President, Major Health Insurance Company

"My team of senior IT managers needed help in connecting with the executive business leaders they were assigned to support. While members of my team may someday BE the CEO or CIO, Bates helped them learn how to speak WITH the CEO and develop the executive presence necessary to sell their ideas at the executive level. Previously they may have been able to effectively communicate their ideas and key points less than half the time, but now my team has the skills, preparation, and confidence to take advantage of far more opportunities and to make an impact with their business leaders more than 70% of the time."

- Jeff Neufeld, retired Executive, GE, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Fidelity

“Hands down, this was the best leadership development program I've participated in at this company.”

- Regional Vice President, Fortune 50 Insurance and Financial Services Company

“I can't begin to thank you for all of the advice, counsel, guidance and tactics you've shared with me in our time together. It's been immeasurably helpful as you've enabled me to address some longstanding gaps that have prevented me from realizing my full impact and potential. I can feel tangibly the difference in my confidence and my influence skills and have you to thank for that.”

- SVP, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

"When our President and CEO speaks to an investment audience, people listen. His spoken word has impact with many stakeholders; every time he speaks dynamically in front of a community group or is quoted in a key publication, we are making an impression on potential employees, legislators and community members. It's a cycle of success that builds on itself. He has always been a very good speaker, and working with Bates helped him strengthen his focus on preparation, practice and being able to tell a story. He's very quotable! We were in Forbes earlier this year and, this high profile appearance shows the power of a quotable, articulate executive."

- Kenda Resler-Friend, Public Affairs, Dow AgroSciences

"Working with Bates Communications has been a tremendous asset to our company. The coach immediately connected with our executive team and quickly understood the nuances of our business, enabling her to have an immediate impact. The coach was able to achieve breakthrough results on an executive coaching assignment.  Comments from colleagues included “What an amazing turnaround”, “The difference was immediate and lasting”, “This executive has so much more impact now”.  As our business needs changed, the coach was a step ahead and provided valuable guidance and strategic thinking to enable our team to effectively lead the organization through change." 

- HR Executive, Pharmaceutical Company

"Bates has been incredibly easy to work with. From the beginning, they've felt like part of our team rather than a vendor, striving to understand our business, our brand, and specific ways they can help us. They've also been amazingly flexible and willing to accommodate our executives' busy schedules. While they recognize the value of staying on course with project timelines, they know when to be flexible and how to adapt to schedule changes, which our executives have especially valued."

- Patty Pierce, Director of Human Resources, VF Outdoor, Inc.

"The greatest benefit Bates has delivered is in helping me develop 'executive presence.' I needed to become a better diplomat in handling challenging internal communications, conflicts, and situations. Unlike many of the other programs I've been through, Bates provided intensive, one-to-one coaching on real-life, critical issues that I was facing at that very moment. I estimate that I've improved at least 75% in my ability to handle tough situations more appropriately than ever before. I've learned the finesse that has helped me become much more effective in dealing with colleagues, direct reports, and senior management. This translates into significantly improved productivity in meetings and amongst my team. The payoff for me is reduced frustration for myself and others, an increased ability to sell my ideas in the organization, and most importantly, increased responsibility over time."

- SVP, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“Thanks to the Bates team for all of your work in facilitating a fantastic program. I’ve been with the organization for 22 years and this was one of the most useful and rewarding programs in which I have participated.”

- Regional President, Fortune 50 Insurance and Financial Services Company

“Thank you so much for speaking at our ELT meeting. Your presentation was a great success and completely on point with where we need have opportunity to learn and grow.”

- CIO, Fortune 250 Insurance Company


“I lead an enterprise-wide strategic initiative that is a top priority for our global financial services company.  From shaping the strategy to driving execution, to interacting regularly with our  most senior leaders about the initiative, the role I play is a highly visible one.  My work with the coach enabled me to anticipate key challenges or opportunities through a different lens, successfully prepare for high stakes interactions, and consider how to best engage and influence a broad set of global stakeholders.  Because of our work, I’m better able to take advantage of opportunities and increase awareness and support for this critical initiative.  I also look to my coach for partnership on key matters of communicating and messaging for this initiative to ensure that our audiences are kept well-informed and engaged.”

- Liz Roaldsen, SVP, State Street


"In my role, I represent my company’s Internal Audit and Investigations function to our board, our CEO, and the entire leadership team, and speak externally at large global conferences and events.  My work with the Bates coach has enabled me to see how I can approach these audiences and situations to be at my very best; their counsel, coaching, and understanding of the environments in which I’m operating have allowed me to be successful and lead in very high stakes, highly visible situations. My coach is a trusted partner and someone I look to for thought partnership in multiple areas that impact my business and career, and as a result, I’ve been able to lead and manage even more effectively as a senior executive."

- Jeff Tate, Chief Audit Executive, The Dow Chemical Co.


"I have tremendously valued the coach's efforts and the work with my leadership team as part of an ongoing campaign to enhance our scientific contributions to the entire R&D organization. Bates worked closely with the team to meet our objective to elevate the overall profile and visibility of our organization’s unique contributions to the company’s endeavors to develop the next generation of cancer drugs.  Most recently, Bates worked with us to prepare for a high-profile presentation of our latest research at an important company-wide symposium; the feedback we received was extremely positive and the impression we left on our colleagues and senior leaders priceless."

- Michele Cleary, VP, Bristol-Myers Squibb


"As a senior program director, my ability to influence at executive levels within our global defense organization is critical to my overall success. My work with Bates provided a valuable approach for how I can best establish my executive presence with different audiences, grow my ability to influence, with or without authority, and position my point of view in high stakes meetings by using a strategic approach to understand my audience’s perspective with even greater impact.  The assessment process and coaching sessions were extremely valuable and highly productive."

- Director of Training Solutions, Global Defense Company


"I am the Controller and senior finance executive for our global company and lead an 1,000-person organization.  In the course of my work with the Bates team, we developed a strong approach and plan for how to best support my newly integrated team of controllers and tax professionals. The Bates team led my organization’s first-ever joint meeting, which was a very strong success. They helped lay the groundwork to get this new group aligned to tackle the challenges of 2016 and beyond, and provided me with valuable coaching as I continue to lead this team during a period of important work and strategic change."

- Ron Edmonds, Controller and VP of Controllers and Tax, The Dow Chemical Co.


In the course of my work with the Bates Team, my role has continued to expand (from VP to Chief Commercial Officer) and my partnership with Bates has been a valuable part of my successful transition into the C-level role I now play. Today, I lead about 2/3 of our company and have worked closely with Bates on many number of areas impacting my business – serving as a member of our company’s ELT, representing our organization in high stakes deals and meetings and with our Japanese parent company, leading my own executive team, and helping me fully leverage major internal or external events.  Our work elevates my effectiveness as a senior leader and will continue to do so.” 

- David Frawley, CCO, Sunovion


"Faced with the challenge of executing one of the largest energy infrastructure initiatives in the country, while at the same time needing to continue to drive continuous improvement across the organization, I contacted Bates to help my team ensure we were aligned and ready to lead this effort. Through individual coaching and team facilitation, Bates helped us focus on the critical few behaviors that made a difference in embracing and tackling challenges as a team.  Bates showed us how we could be more effective in how we communicate, build trust in each other and lead by example. In a remarkably short period of time, my team aligned around our goals and started to speak with one voice.  The result, improved communication across the organization, which began breaking down silos across the organization."

- Lisa Barton, Executive Vice President, AEP Transmission

"Bates came highly recommended, and we have now run three successful sessions aimed at helping officer level staff build skills in 'Executive Presence.' The stakes are quite high when bringing in a new program at the officer level. Bates has presented to 100 officer level employees already this year and more in-depth follow-on training is planned. Participants are highly satisfied. They have expressed interest in more in-depth training from Bates on related subjects that we've already scheduled. Based on these results and the demand for more, I highly recommend Bates for developing your executive ranks."

Richard Arsenault, Senior Learning Consultant, John Hancock Financial Services

“I can't thank the Bates facilitator enough. She brought her experience as a frequent public speaker and former TV journalist to help me increase my potential as a speaker in my field.  Her ability to be a fan and at the same time to critique my style has improved my confidence and set my sights high.”

- Program Participant, Fortune 500 Financial Services Co.

"Rarely are C-Level executives dismissed due to incompetence-no, it is usually because there is something broken in their relationship with the CEO, their peers, or even the Board. At this level one's success is less dependent on technical skills and more dependent upon one's ability to communicate, motivate, and lead others. Unfortunately, these increasingly critical skills aren't taught in school or in most job environments. For this critical training, there is Bates."

- Ken Rice, EVP and CFO, Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"Although we had very high-caliber customer-facing employees, a third-party research firm scored us poorly compared with our competitors in our ability to deliver effective boardroom presentations to senior-most executives at Fortune 500 customers and prospects. We knew we had to take action because the risks were huge: a good meeting could result in a business lead worth in excess of $1 million or may enable us to keep $500,000 worth of business for 6 months longer. We hired Bates to improve the executive presence for most all of our client-facing employees, with spectacular results. The third-party ratings rose dramatically within one year as a direct result of Bates' work with us. On average, junior executives improved from a 5 to 8 out of 10 in their overall communications ability, and senior executives improved from a 7 to a 9, with immediate and measurable impact on customers, prospects, and revenue."

- Penny Darcey, Former Sr. Managing Director of Sales & Marketing, State Street Global Advisors

"As a startup, we needed to translate a very complex message into one that someone on the outside could easily understand and relate to. Bates Communications was invaluable in helping us shape our message so we could attract funding, partners, and customers. Investors are smart; they invest in substance made really, really clear. As a result of working with Bates Communications, we've been able to raise $60 million, even in a difficult market. As well, Bates has helped us clarify our message to attract significant partners to help us grow and bring our products to market."

Peter Savas, CEO, Alseres Pharmaceuticals Inc.


“My scope of responsibilities had doubled, and I was feeling overwhelmed and highly stressed. Working with the (Bates coach), I learned to empower my team instead of having to be “the smartest person in the room.” She also helped me articulate and communicate the direction for our department, so we can stay focused on our highest priorities. I widened my internal network so that I’m more aware of what’s happening elsewhere in the company, allowing me to get ahead of issues and be a better resource to other leaders. Through coaching, I feel calmer and less pressured to solve everything myself. My team is delivering on expectations, I’ve increased my strategic focus, and overall, I am much more aware of my impact as a leader.”

  - SVP, Accounting, Multi-national Financial Services Company


“I had struggled to get my leaders to a better set of executive presence skills. We selected Bates to lead a year-long program targeted at improving this area. The Bates program exceeded my expectations.  They demystified executive presence and created actionable plans to move the team into a stronger position. The program had tremendous impact on the group.  My leadership team became much more productive, much more collaborative and much more effective with our internal clients, and those behaviors have cascaded to the rest of my organization. Senior leaders outside the group have noticed the strong improvement.”


- SVP, IT, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company


“As a young leader in my organization, it was critical that I understood how my behaviors were being perceived by all levels. Throughout the Bates ExPI program, I had 3 genuine 'ah-ha!' moments -- both personally and professionally -- that I have brought back to the workplace already. The entire experience was custom tailored to your strengths and improvement areas, which didn't make me feel like my strengths were 'good' or 'bad' -- they just 'are.' Bates allowed me to see that these strengths are how I got to where I am today, and are how I can improve behaviors throughout my leadership presence in the future. The ExPI program was incredibly valuable, and I'd recommend it to any leader in the corporate world today.” 


- Account Management Director, Primacy