Bates Values

From the beginning, we’ve been driven by our core values. These values guide our work in coaching clients to become the best they can be. They drive our desire to provide exceptional, unmatched value in every client project. They shape the culture of our company and serve as a guiding light for how we operate as a team.

  • Collaboration – Fostering a collaborative work environment, creating a mindset of teamwork, and valuing each team member for their unique strengths, skills and insights.
  • Knowledge – Encouraging everyday learning and development, promoting the acquisition of knowledge and practical wisdom, and embracing innovation.
  • Excellence – Applying the highest standards of quality and professionalism in all we do for the ultimate benefit of our client.
  • Integrity – Demonstrating integrity in our process and relationships; holding each other accountable for driving results.
  • Respect – Treating everyone – clients, employees, friends and the community - with respect and dignity.
  • Humility – Operating with awareness of our individual strengths and opportunities and welcoming the wisdom of others.
  • Commitment – Exhibiting at all times a dedication to the long-term success of the firm and the value we bring to clients.
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